PCA Softball 2003


(Home Team is listed last)

Date      At Twin Oaks                                    At Whitfield                      At West County Tech

5/2           Red CPC vs. Twin Oaks                     Kirk vs. Covenant                 Providence vs. CPC Blue

5/9           Covenant vs. Twin Oaks                      CPC Blue vs. Kirk                Providence vs. Red CPC

5/16         Twin Oaks vs. Providence                   Kirk vs. Red CPC                Covenant vs. CPC Blue

5/23         NO GAMES                                             MEMORIAL DAY             WEEKEND

5/30         Twin Oaks vs. CPC Blue                     Kirk vs. Providence              Covenant vs. Red CPC

6/6           Providence vs. Covenant                      Twin Oaks vs. Kirk              CPC Blue vs. Red CPC

6/13         Twin Oaks vs. Red CPC                     Covenant vs. Kirk                 CPC Blue vs. Providence

6/20         Twin Oaks vs. Covenant                      Kirk vs. CPC Blue                Red CPC vs. Providence

6/27         Covenant vs. Providence                      Kirk vs. Twin Oaks              Red CPC vs. CPC Blue

7/4           NO GAMES                                             JULY 4th                                   WEEKEND

7/11         Providence vs. Twin Oaks                   Red CPC vs. Kirk                CPC Blue vs. Covenant

7/18         CPC Blue vs. Twin Oaks                     Providence vs. Kirk              Red CPC vs. Covenant

7/26         SATURDAY  at Whitfield                POST     SEASON               TOURNAMENT                 


          All games begin at 7:00 PM.   Try 6:45 the early May games to get in 7 inning.  If a team cannot field at least 9 players, they may begin the game with 8.  The team with 8 players becomes the visiting team, batting first.  If they do not have at least 9 players by the time they take the field on defense, they must forfeit.  The winning team may then provide the necessary players to play a practice game.

          All players bat, free substitution in the field.

          Pitching arc height is from top of batters head to 12 feet high.

          The plate and mat are strikes.

          Bases are 65 feet apart.  Pitching rubber is 46 feet from plate.

          The team batting provides 2 umpires, with disputes to be resolved by team captains.

          Games are 7 innings unless dark.  10 run rule after 5 innings.  15 run rule after 4 innings.

          Each team provides 2 balls per game.  Home team balls will be used first.  Official balls will be 12 inch Red Dots or equivalent.

          Pray together before and after each game.

          West County Tech (Purchased by Westminster) on S. Outer Forty, across from Maryville College.

Church Contacts:  (most are 636 area code)

Chesterfield                    Rainout number          Office: 636-394-3337

CPC-Blue                           Bill Beach                           H:  636-394-7864       W: 314-826-2153

                                                      Dave Drissell                   H:  636-458-3690       W: 636-532-2556

Red-CPC                            Bob Stephens                H:  636-536-1472       W:    

                                                      Steve Dicus                      H:  636-230-7656       W  314-588-2541

Covenant                            Bill Vincent                        H:  636-939-5577       W   

Kirk of the Hills              Tony Chance                  H:                                               C:  

Providence                        Jason Groves                 C:  314-504-8627       W:  636-530-4447

Twin Oaks                          Steve Shapiro                H:  636-532-2804    W:  314-241-6363x3082