Mission to the Upper Valley
Bringing Christ to the Upper Valley Region of New Hampshire and Vermont


July 2003 Prayer Letter

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Accardy Family Update

   A number of great things have happened since our last prayer letter. Some of you have given us names of unchurched families in the area to contact. We’ve also become aware of three singles with PCA backgrounds living in the area. As we write we are trying to make contact with them.

   Chris is meeting weekly with Andrew Johnson and Shawn O’Leary, two men whose families are very interested in our mission work. It’s about a 75 minute drive to Hanover/Lebanon from where we are staying. Chris drives up twice a week to meet with contacts. We will be beginning a Bible study on August 5th for interested families.          

   Chris’ preaching schedule is getting busy. Since leaving South Dakota he has preached in six different churches. He will continue preaching at different churches until the mission work begins Sunday morning services.

   After much prayer and consultation its been decided to call our Lebanon mission work “All Nations Presbyterian Church”. We hope the name will communicate the message that our church is for internationals as well as the locals. There are rapidly growing minority and international communities in the Upper Valley.


Items of Praise

¨The Seventh-Day Adventist Church voted to let us use their facilities. This will be a great meeting place for us once we get going. It is five minutes away from Dartmouth College, in the heart of the West Lebanon and three minutes away from White River Junction, Vermont.

¨ God has provided for our financial needs through diaconal giving from several congregations.

¨A family has given us a second car. This will allow Shelley and the kids to be out and about while Chris is away raising support or visiting in the Upper Valley.

¨A local businessman is donating a computer and office furniture to the church plant.

¨Chris will be given an opportunity to speak to incoming minority and international students at Dartmouth Medical School.


Items for Prayer

¨      Pray that we will be able to develop a relationship with the following unchurched households and that God would grant to them saving faith in Jesus Christ: Fontaine, Hill, Savage, Wood & Ogle (the wife is a believer). Pray for Chris and Bill (the new convert) as they meet to study the Bible together.

¨      Pray for the following believing households that have expressed strong interest in the mission work: Johnson, Gavell & O’Leary. We have become aware of three other singles in the area with PCA backgrounds. Pray that we will be able to make contact with them.

¨      Pray for Derek and Amber Heeren as they visit in August. Ask that God would give them wisdom as the consider moving to the Upper Valley in order to help with the mission work.

¨      Pray that God would lead an ordained PCA ruling elder and his family to move to the Upper Valley to assist with the mission.

¨      Pray that God will bring a family along who has a home big enough to host a Bible study. We’d prefer having the Bible study in a home rather than a church.

¨        We hope to officially begin the church plant on August 1st. We need another $33,000 to carry us through our first fiscal year. We don’t anticipate a great financial need in our second and third years (as long as promised pledges come in and a few congregations we’re working with are able to help). Pray that God will stretch out the diaconal help we’ve received until we get our financial support.