Mission to the Upper Valley

Lebanon, New Hampshire

Pastor Chris Accardy


Dear Pastor Chris & Shelley


Yes, I would like to partner with you as you bring the good news of Jesus Christ to the lost in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont.


I can help you in the following way(s):

o                         PRAYER: I will seek God’s blessing for your work and the advancement of the gospel through my prayers. Please send me your regular prayer letter.

o                         HELP: I would like to offer my wisdom and expertise in the following area(s): ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________. Please send information regarding short-term mission opportunities in the Upper Valley.

o                         TAX-DEDUCTIBLE FINANCIAL GIFTS:


Į       One-Time Gift of ____________

Į       Ongoing Pledge of _________ per __________ for _________ years

                                                                                  (month/other)      (1, 2 or 3)


NAME: (Husband/wife first & last name)___________________________________




CITY__________________________ STATE _________________ ZIP ____________


TELEPHONE__________________________ EMAIL__________________________


Make your check out to “Mission to North America”

Please mail this form with your first check to: Mission to North America

1700 North Brown Road, Suite 101

Lawrenceville, GA 30043-8143

o   I would like information on bank electronic funds transfer for my gifts.


NOTE: You may also email this pledge form to MNApledge@pcanet.org



Mission to the Upper Valley, Lebanon, New Hampshire *** Chris & Shelley Accardy